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The 6% ABV Smash offers a lower-calorie yet indulgent craft cocktail

Silver City, New Mexico, January 17, 2024 — Mixed-Up Cocktail Co (Mixed-Up), creator and processor of deliciously bold Ready-to-Drink (RTD) canned craft cocktails, ends the year with continued success in launching their new Smash lineup. These all-natural 6% ABV cocktails currently come in two flavors: Watermelon Hibiscus Smash and Tangerine Punch Smash, with plans to launch a Berry Citrus and Strawberry Mango in the upcoming months. Each flavor boasts a strong combination of natural juice and booze and can be found in their distinct white and silver cans. 


Mixed-Up’s variety of flavors proved popular in 2023 and meets the needs of modern consumers for an indulgent-but-healthy cocktail option that tastes like it’s fresh from the bar. Market demand for RTDs are expected to increase to $19 billion by 2024 and double in the next decade. 


“Canned cocktails are gaining popularity each year, and we offer one of the most premium craft options available,” says Teresa Dahl-Bredine, co-founder alongside husband David Crosley. “One of the biggest complaints we hear about RTDs is that they taste fake or medicinal, so we set out to make something with a fresh and real taste straight out of the can. Our ingredients are so natural and delicious that customers can’t tell between our product and a freshly-made bar cocktail. A chemical-free RTD is a challenge to make, but we’ve stubbornly stuck to a clean, simple ingredient list and find that consumers love the difference it makes. Getting a taste of it to consumers has been our top priority this year, and we are seeing that spur growth in both natural and conventional markets.”


Mixed-Up offers 12 total flavors for 2024:

  • Classics: Classic Mule, Grapefruit & Gin Mule, Lemon Raspberry Mojito, Classic Margarita, and Mango Margarita

  • Seasonals: Apple Bourbon Mule and Peach Whiskey Sour

  • Branded: Aggi Rita (New Mexico State University)

  • Smash: Watermelon Hibiscus and Tangerine Punch

  • Launching Soon: Berry Citrus Smash and Strawberry Mango Smash


To support growth for 2024, Mixed-Up expanded with:

  • 20 brand ambassadors

  • 5 sales managers

  • New 45,000 sq ft facility capable of producing 80,000 cases per month

  • 600 points of distribution with over 25,000 cases sold in 2023

  • Trader Joes, Bristol Farms, and Lazy Acres

  • New US states (Total Wine and Whole Foods)

  • New online store with direct ordering

  • Licensed cocktail agreement for a special flavor with New Mexico State University

  • Over 1,100 tastings & demos held across the country, with 50 festivals and major events

  • Gold award wins for all 7 flavors submitted to the Pr%f Unmasked Awards


Mixed-Up Cocktails are currently available in stores in 6 states (New Mexico, Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, and California) with shipping available through their online store. 

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